Please ensure your pull request adheres to the following guidelines:

  • New example or improvements to existing examples are welcome.

  • Please check your spelling and grammar.

Adding a New Example

To add a new example, create a new folder and a file or a file (depending upon the example) under the appropriate directory in ./examples. Please check the .plan file to see what examples we plan to create. Feel free to work on any pending examples. We're happy to read/review your changes and collaborate/code with you to merge them.

Thank you for your contributions!

Getting started with the project

1. Fork and clone this repository

Fork this repository and clone your fork. If you don't know what forking means or don't know how to do it, nice instructions are available here.

2. Make your changes and push them

Now you're ready to make your changes! Once you're done with your changes, push those changes to your fork and then submit a pull request.


This code is free to use under the terms of the MIT license.

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