Documentation Style Guide

These are the guidelines for writing documentation.


  • Each page must have a single #-level title at the top.

  • Chapters in the same page must have ##-level titles.

  • Sub-chapters need to increase the number of # in the title according to

    their nesting depth.

  • All words in the page's title must be capitalized, except for conjunctions

    like "of" and "and" .

  • Only the first word of a chapter title must be capitalized.

# Arrays


## How to declare an array


## Create an empty array


To be easy to read when editing the markdown code, if the sentence is too long, divide it down. The recommended column length limit is 80.

Code Output

To create output from code, there are two rules:

  • If the output is short then put it as a comment

  • If the output is quite long (column) then write it in a separate section after the code section.


Indentation must use spaces and the tab size must be 4.

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